Fruit tart crust

My traditional fruit tart

My traditional fruit tart before being glazed

A few people have asked me how to avoid getting a soggy fruit tart crust.  Here’s a solution that will work for a couple days.

Once your pie dough has been baked and cooled, brush the interior of the pie crust with a thin layer of melted butter or melted chocolate with a tad bit of butter, cocoa butter or shortening in it.  Once brushed, let the butter or melted chocolate set in the refrigerator, then add your pastry filling and fruit.  The lining of butter or chocolate will act as a barrier between the crust and pastry filling, sort of waterproofing it.  I must say, the melted chocolate works best for my fruit tarts.  That’s because I like the combination of chocolate and fruit. Even lining the crust of a lemon curd pie with chocolate does wonders.

IMG_1832My Berry Delicious tart

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