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My Chocolate Chai Cookies, Chocolate-Covered Donuts, Thin Mints, Superfood Crackers, and Goatless Cheeses are all available on! This site has been a longtime favorite of mine — they source the finest foods from farmers & brands to offer both the greater LA area & Orange County fresh, local-made, artisanal food.

I love Milk And Eggs because they truly have changed the game in terms of buying groceries.

They are…

Well-priced: their prices are always low because there is never any waste, inventory, middlemen, complicated distribution centers, or large stores with real estate.

Convenient: order an item once, or subscribe to get weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. Subscriptions can be updated, paused, or changed anytime. Save on the process of ordering, buying, and picking up groceries. 

Fast: allĀ deliveriesĀ happen within 30 hours of the order being placed. They are even working on way to shorten this chain even more, allowing for delivery of some products within just a few hours!

Eco-friendly: their drivers have a more efficient route than individual grocery pick ups. Potentially save up to 80-90% on carbon emissions! 

The company is even on a Quest For Zero, which is separatedĀ into several initiatives with the goal of minimizing all aspects of their daily consumption. Learn more here.

Learn more about Milk & Eggs…

Click here to view all Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen products on!

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