The Practical Vegan – Book Review


image-92One of my favorites on Instagram, Kim, aka @brusselsvegan and @bestofvegan (in Instagram), self-published her first eBook titled The Practical Vegan and wow, it’s brilliant!  It is a step-by-step guide to veganism and includes everything you need to know about the lifestyle, how to get started and how to deal with day-to-day situations.

You can tell she poured her heart out into this book. It’s jam-packed with resources for vegans and especially those thinking of making a transition.  Just to name a few topics, learn more about: veganism, how to plan your transition, the importance of a vitamin B12 supplement, where to eat, how to deal with social situations, the varying types veganism, where to buy vegan candles, and get prime sources to best educate yourself (lists of best books about veganism, documentaries, cookbooks, blogs, fashion, cleaning products, the list goes on…)

Check out The Practical Vegan’s Table of Contents, below. It is so complete.

1. The “I-could-never-be-a” Vegan

2. The Brand New (and slightly confused) Vegan

3. The Healthy Vegan

4. The Cheesy Vegan

5. The Raw Vegan

6. The Myth of the Skinny Vegan

7. The Broke Vegan

8. The First Day as a Vegan

9. The Traveling Vegan

10. The Vegucated Vegan

11. The Social Vegan

12. The Activist Vegan

13. The Frequently Asked Vegan [It also includes checklists and suggestions for further reading]


I wish I had this as a resource upon transitioning to veganism. Every page is filled with valuable information. I love it and recommend it to all.

To download @brusselsvegan / @bestofvegan’s eBook, Practical Vegan, click here,

Congratulations, Kim!!!

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