Organic Cocktails with LO Fruit Beverage


Getting ready for the holidays?  What drinks are you serving at your holiday parties?

I’d like to introduce you to LO Fruit Beverage.  LO is a tasty, low glycemic juice alternative made with premium organic ingredients and sweetened with Stevia extract and organic blue agave.  It contains no preservatives, no artificial ingredients or sweeteners.  When LO sent me bottles of their juices to try, I was a bit hesitant because their juices contain a little agave and I NEVER use agave in my cooking since it has high fructose levels.  However, I thought a small taste wouldn’t hurt.  Heck, I’ve been testing holiday cookies all season-long, how much damage can a drop of agave do at this point?!

If you’re like me, during the holidays I’ll have a glass of champagne at a party.  When thinking of how to incorporate this juice into my holiday recipe repertoire, I recalled that I’ve made bellinis with Prosecco (Italian sparkling white wine) using fresh fruit in the past.  It can also be done with LO!  Simply make fancy bellinis by adding one part LO juice to a champagne glass, then add 2 parts Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine).  Going this route is cost-saving because champagne can be expensive!


There are four LO flavors that you can choose from, Mango Mojito, Acai-Blue, Pomegranate, and Pomegranate Mojito.  Each bottle has under 45 calories, with the Mango Mojito having the lowest at 30 calories a bottle.  They are naturally delicious, made with premium fruit juice, and have been clinically tested as being low glycemic.  Find LO at Walgreens, Rite Aid,, A&P, HEB, and Merijer stores.  These are great for the holidays, especially if you’re going to be mixing drinks.  If you’d like to pick up a bottle or two, try the recipes, below!


For those who don’t drink alcohol, you can make mocktails, like I usually do.  I love using homemade kombucha in place of hard liquor or champagne!  If you don’t make kombucha at home, I recommend Health-ade’s original or ginger-lemon kombucha flavors in place of the liquor.  Beware, though, as kombucha contains alcohol (but very little), depending on how long it has been fermented.   The ones I buy from the store seem to be much lower in alcohol content than the kind I brew at home for some reason.  Anyway, I love kombucha in place of alcohol because it is alkalizing and packed with beneficial probiotics, making it great for digestive health.

I hope you try LO juice, kombucha, and the recipes below this holiday season or anytime you have a party!  Happy holidays!



Servings: 1



2 parts LO Pomegranate Mojito Juice

1 part white tequila or kombucha


Shake all with ice, strain into a martini glass

Top with a splash of pineapple juice

Garnish with a mint leaf



Red-Nosed Reindeer

Servings: 1



2 parts LO Pomegranate Mojito Juice

1 part vodka or kombucha


Splash crème de menthe

Shake all with ice and strain into a glass




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