Phew! Finals were last Friday! I’m glad to have moved on to the next class!

My second class in culinary school has been the most challenging class I’ve had so far.  Students that have been in the program longer than me say that it is the most challenging class that we will ever have in the program.  I was assigned to a new chef for this class and he was a lot tougher on me, cooking-technique-wise.  He thought, which is true, I depended on my notes too much and that I thought too much about the ingredients and not the technique.  Lemme’ tell you… I am a perfectionist, at times, and I wanted my food to be reproduced just as the instructor produced it.

In class, we watch a demo then we reproduce the food just as the chefs did.  I’m more of a visual learner (I don’t retain everything I just learned right after I learned it)…I have to read it again to refresh my memory and actually go through the motions to start internalizing the technique/methods.  During production I’d read my notes (my other chef instructor in the previous class was okay with it).  My new chef instructor didn’t like my style and my grades went down because of it.  I am a bit disappointed about my grade, but am happy that class is finally over and I’m in baking now which I love so much so far!  What will I take away from this experience?  Grades aren’t everything… Remember what Chef Perez recommended I need to improve on – try to cook and not worry about the ingredients so much… as a chef, I should be able to manipulate food to make it taste great.  I shouldn’t be too obsessed about getting it just right, just like the chef instructor… I am still learning.

Since I am loving baking right now, I’m going to start sharing more of my experiences in school again.  It is purely positive now.  I am having great fun and am happy again :)! Yay!

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