Tribute to Michael Jackson


Today, Thursday, June 25th at 2:26pm, the legendary pop icon Michael Jackson was pronounced dead.  He died after suffering cardiac arrest.  He was only 50!  1958 – 2009.  I didn’t expect he would live such a short life.  This is a major event, as major as Elvis’s death.  Farewell to our King of Pop.

When I heard the news this afternoon, the song Ben started playing in my mind.  After watching his movie biography in 1997, I learned that the song Ben was about his childhood friend- a mouse that he shared cheese with, a mouse he named Ben.  Michael would chat and play with him while everyone was sleeping, until one night he was surprised to find him caught dead in a mouse trap.  Poor Ben.  So sweet that Michael wrote a song in memory of him.

As strange as Michael Jackson seemed in his later years, I was quite fascinated by him.  I found joy in his last album, HIStory.

He had so many hits.  The song Ben will always remind of sweet innocence and friendship,  I want to rock with you will always trigger the dancer in me, the Earth Song will always bring back the introspective side and modern dancer in me, and Remember the time will always exercise my memory as I do my 8th grade drill team dance routine to the song.

Michael Jackson’s favorite foods included sushi, Mexican, KFC, spicy food, cheese potatoes, and M&Ms.  As a tribute to Michael Jackson, tonight I will enjoy some of his favorite foods… sushi, a sake, and some M&Ms.

Cheers to you, Michael!

My prayers go out to you and your family, especially your 3 children.  You will be missed and you will be remembered.  RIP!

For your listening pleasure, here’s the song, Ben

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